Is Land Banking Investment Safe for You?

Land Banking Investment is the practice of investing in raw land and holding on it for investment gains. Land prices usually keep rising with inflation, population increase or when the government converts land for residential use. Here are its advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages in Land Banking:

Investment and profits in land banking is one of the top reasons why people become super-successful. The world’s wealthiest people invest in land because they know it pays handsomely.

With world population on the rise, residential land area is sure to shrink. It is a matter of time when governments across developed and developing nations earmark land that has potential, as residential. Many savvy investors pick up parcels of land in areas that have growth potential.

Land is a tangible asset and is known to increase in value over time. It is a physical asset that you can see, feel, resell and/or hold on for self-use.
There is a huge shortage of affordable houses in our country. All you have to do is look up statistics on the homeless.

Cities are getting overcrowded, pricey and city homes are getting cramped. So, people prefer to stay in a comfortable house away from the home, leading to an increased activity in land banking investment.
Land investment procedures in developed countries are smooth and the titles are good.

Disadvantages of Land Banking:

Land investment takes time to pay back – it is a long-term investment. So every land investor must be patient. Many land banking investment schemes have taken investors for a ride or have shut shop. However, there are unscrupulous elements in every trade and if you are a careful land investor and are getting sound advice, there is no way you can go wrong.


To sum up, land banking investment advantages score way above the disadvantages. If you are seeking staggering returns on investments coupled with safety, land banking investment is the way to go.

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