Being free from all financial liabilities to get all these are the financial goal like prosperous life is called financial freedom.Basically financial freedom is to maintain a decent Lifestyle with the regular income.Here desired lifestyle may be as simple as Mr Warren Buffett or Azim Premji is living or the luxurious lifestyle as Mr Mukesh Ambani is enjoying.Whatever the lifestyle we have opted it should be our choice not by forced by a financial circumstances.In present era of 21st century financial freedom is the definition of financial retirement.

Do you want financial freedom?Easily you can check it out with these  3 questions:
  1. Are you happy with your present lifestyle
  1. Have you enjoying your work life? Or it's just a daily routine?
  1. Have you any financial Desire unfulfilled?
If your answer is negative then start working to get financial freedom.

How to get financial freedom

As Mr Robert Kiyosaki has given to tips to get this wish.

(1)Accepted it as responsibility:

You should accept it as fully responsible of your financial health. Understand that every decision taken by you will affect your tomorrow's financial health. Real purchases and expenses within the context of your long term objective.

(2) Control your spending: 

We are living in a consumer driven market where we are compelled to spend regularly our spending habits are one of the main reasons for financial crunch. Why we could not able to secure good financial health? We should track every expenses as well as think twice before purchasing anything.

(3) Budgeting:

Budget living with the with its limitations. Start with daily budgeting monthly then early, do it regularly.

(4) Get rid of debt:

Loan and their EMI payment not allow yourself to live a peaceful life. So loan free life should be our passion, if we want to achieve financial freedom.

(5)Get a part time income:

Whatever your speciality is get a part time job or business according to that.Teaching/counselling/marketing/Insurance Advisor etc part time profession .It will utilise your reluctant time in time as well as give you pleasure also.

Why Should you get a financial freedom in Metro city?In India like Mumbai Delhi etc if you are not maintaining your financial growth to achieve the current lifestyle as per City rules then very difficult to stay in the City. First of all you will have to shift to the suburban of the city like nearby of the town. Second you have to leave the city.That is the main reason to develop suburban area like NCR in Delhi, thane Badlapur in Mumbai. Hence do something as a part time in Metro city to create wealth if you are full time is not giving much money.

There are some part time profession can be opted like home tuition , painting, small business, mentoring, real estate consultant, insurance consultant, sports coaches, catering business, web designing business,marketing financial products.Financial freedom grows along with our savings/investment appetite and enhancement of earning regularly.


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